22 April 2008

Relocating To F.O.B. Camp FORGER

Just a note to let y'all know that I've started a new blog, FORGER'S HAMMER. Mostly, because I got tired of being called "MO" on all the blogs I visit. I know it stands for "Missouri", but sounds too much like that goat buggering bunghole MoHamHead.

When I ain't got no fresh shit, I'll dig into the archives of the old blog and repost some old shit. And if you wanna put up with my shit, just click on this link to FORGER'S HAMMER, and bookmark it or make it your home page.

So this is the last post here, but feel free to dig thru the archives for some good shit. And hie thee hence to FORGER'S HAMMER (getting the hint yet???), and report in.

12 April 2008

"I Prefer The Weapon You Only Need To Fire... Once.."

This is gonna be cooler than Spiderman.....

11 April 2008

A Gentlemen's Duel

A little fun to kick off the weekend...

(Found At Professor SHLong's)

06 April 2008

Heavy Metal

If the feature is as good as the trailer, this is gonna FUCKIN' ROCK!!!

05 April 2008

If It's All The Same To You, I'll Stick With The Cookies And Kool-Aid

From The Ol' Lady...

If a relative or friend needed a blood transfusion, you'd probably do your part and donate a pint. However, a Cape Girardeau man didn't have the option to help his beloved family member...his pet dog Jake.

"This past weekend we was not his normal self, he was lethargic, wouldn't eat or drink, so I knew something was wrong," said John Davis.

The nine-year old dog had a tumor on his spleen, was bleeding internally and needed surgery fast.

"He was going to have to have a blood transfusion or else," explained Dr. John Koch.

The call for help went out fast and within an hour, George came to the rescue. Requi Salter with the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri says it's not often they get a request for a donor, but George was glad to help.

"It didn't hurt, it's similar to a human donation, and as a reward, it may not sound like a reward to you, but he was neutered to help him find a home faster."

Jake's owner, John Davis says it's a pretty unique situation, and he's relieved George is a lifesaver.

If you'd like to help George find a good home, you can contact the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri.

27 March 2008

To All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic...

Fuck You.

23 March 2008

Dear Rest Of The World...

Kiss My Red, White And Blue American Ass.


Me and JMFL...

And the rest of the American Military that are liberating your pathetic asses.