22 April 2008

Relocating To F.O.B. Camp FORGER

Just a note to let y'all know that I've started a new blog, FORGER'S HAMMER. Mostly, because I got tired of being called "MO" on all the blogs I visit. I know it stands for "Missouri", but sounds too much like that goat buggering bunghole MoHamHead.

When I ain't got no fresh shit, I'll dig into the archives of the old blog and repost some old shit. And if you wanna put up with my shit, just click on this link to FORGER'S HAMMER, and bookmark it or make it your home page.

So this is the last post here, but feel free to dig thru the archives for some good shit. And hie thee hence to FORGER'S HAMMER (getting the hint yet???), and report in.


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