16 June 2006


(This is from a post over at www.nicedoggie.net/ about some ignorant fuck who thinks they're some sort of super-human, hyper-intellegent, untouchable ass-holey-er than thou type who has threatened a blogger and his family. The post mentioned this week's verdict in the Andrea Yates case in Texas, and that was the match that lit the fuse that generated this reply...)


Not guilty of drowning her five kids with her bare hands in a fucking bathtub by reason of insanity due to post-partum depression??? BULLSHIT!!! KILL HER!!!

You want post-partum depression, you foul sow?? Try going to your baby girl’s funeral while recovering from the emergency C-section you underwent after they couldn’t find her heartbeat on the fetal monitor after 12 hours of labor, you worthless piece of fucking pig-shit.

I am a 42 y/o MAN, former Military Policeman, paramedic who worked the worst areas of St. Louis and Memphis (two cities that are always close to the top of the “cities with the higest murder rates” list), with balls big enough to fill a dump truck and watching my wife having to go through that three times gave ME post-partum depression.

I’m not a betting man, but I’d put money on the rest of the kids were screaming something to the effect of “Please Mommy, don’t kill me!!” and that the bitch had to chase them down and drag them kicking and screaming to the tub… KILL THE MURDERING BITCH!!!

And the icing on the cake is her pond scum ex-husband on TV talking about when he visits and they like to “reminisce” about the kids and what they could have been, while the look on his face says, “The book and Movie of the Week deals are gonna be rolling in… CHA-CHING$$”

The only time I’m thankful that I’m a poor country boy is because I can’t afford to replace my TV everytime I want to blow a .45 inch hole in it when I hear stories like this or what’s-her-name who strapped her kids in the car and rolled it into a lake, or about welfare crack-ho brood-sows w/ a half-dozen hellspawn government check generators that leave their kids home alone in a hellhole neighborhood w/ the 6 year old in charge while they go fuck their dealer for their next fix, while watching my wife choke back sobs about the three tiny graves we have to “reminisce” about.

I’d like to offer the people of Texas a deal… I’ll save them several hundred thousands of tax dollars in housing and “treatment” for this waste of oxygen, and in exchange for they pay the gas for me to drive there and back home and I’ll GLADLY drown that bitch in a fucking bathtub with my bare hands.

I’d even throw in the ex- and the dumbfuck jury, no extra charge…"

If there is any justice in this world, that cunt will be fucking spayed as a condition of her release before some other sorry fuckwad decides that she is fuckable and knocks her up and gives her the chance to do it again...

I need to go blast something....


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