27 May 2006

Garden Blogging 2

Culled out several non-hack pepper plants today and repotted eight plants that showed promise... (i.e. deep sixed non-fruiting plants and re-potted those w/ blooms)

Wound up with three each jalapeno, cayenne and long red chile pepper plants and four habanero plants. (all of which had small fruits on them)

Did some research and found out that my tomato plants had WAY too many leaves and needed a major pruning. Got out the shears and lopped off about 70% of the greenery and as a result, the BeefBastards have started blooming like an idiot. (basically coming back from the dead...)

After re-potting the Roma's and giving them a High and Tight, they are blooming and fruiting like crazy... I'm looking forward to the maranara those bad boys are gonna make.... (MMMMMM, Lasagne...)

Next time, I should go bigger with some corn and beans and taters and yadda-yadda, and hoo-haw, but I'd have to get cattle watering tubs from Tractor Supply to plant the big shit in and I've already spent too much coin on this garden.

I could till up the yard and prep the soil and plant a garden and spend the rest of the season tilling and weeding, or I could stay small and only have to pull a few weeds every week outta my pots... (till, till, till, weed,weed,weed, VS. pull 3-6 half-inch tall weeds outta my pots every week..??? hmmmmm?? Monty, I'll take door number two...)


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