18 May 2006

Simon Sez...

While I have been pondering El Presidente's speech Monday, and the votes in congress this week about illegal aliens, and reading other reviews and reports on the topic this week, I was reminded of a line from "Demolition Man" when Phoenix and Spartan are facing off at the beginning of the flik that would fit the current situation with only minor re-wording...

"The policemen figgered it out..."

http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/borderpatrol.asp has a letter and testimony from a 27-year vet of the Border Patrol. Letter to Sen. Bill Frist in 2006 and testimony to congress from 2002 about the influx of aliens and how they only want to take advantage of as many gov't handouts as they can get, at taxpayer expense of course, and send most of it back "home", read "NOT THE USA", and have no desire to become citizens because then they would have to pay their share.

"The Postmen (citizens, natural-born and LEGALIZED IMMIGRANTS) figgered it out..."

http://www.californiaconservative.org/?p=3072 has a rundown of facts that 80% of Americans know and prompted the formation of The Minute Men to do the job the government won't do and http://hotair.com/archives/vent/2006/05/17/connect-the-dots/ has a video of Michelle Malkin reporting on why the borders need to be sealed. Not only are mexicans sneaking in to rob us blind, but "OTM's" (other than mexican) that have a far more insideous agenda in store for us. It ties porous borders to almost 3000 murdered Americans on 9/11.

"But the god-damned bus-drivers (President and congress) just wouldn't listen..."

http://www.cigarintel.com/agency/?p=1242 has the review of the speech that I wanted to write, but couldn't because of the howling fits of rage I fell into when I tried to think about it. This saves me the Hi-BP and all the typing and spares you from my invective. He totals up the value of the speech this way: "Frankly this whole speech was as useless as a windshield wiper on a goats ass…"

Simon Sez to the President and congress: Stop acting in YOU AND YOUR CRONIES best interests and remember who the boss of you is and what the boss wants you to do is this: BUILD A WALL AND SEAL THE FUCKING BORDERS AND TOSS THE CRIMINALS OVER IT!!! That is what most of your bosses want. You can pat yourselves on the back for all your big talk and your 370 mile wall like you've accomplished something this week if you like...

But be advised that a monkey fucking a football for the last four days has done more than you limp-dicks have. If you don't get offa your fat-cat asses and DO SOMETHING, you're likely to find yourselves getting tossed overboard in favor of the monkey, at least he's TRYING to do something.


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