29 May 2006

Of The Troops, For The Troops...

This got started by a comment I left @ http://www.alphecca.com/... The quote that inspired it...

"The Jews have a wonderful tradition of (during Passover) opening the front door, and leaving a dinner plate with food (wine?) for the ghost of the prophet Elijah. Tomorrow, when you have your barbecue, leave a seat, a place-setting for the spirit of a fallen soldier."

...One of Ol' Lady's friends brought her new beau over for burgers and beer today. Back from Iraq a couple of months ago and set to go back in May 07. He's 24, and either I'm getting old or he looks like a kid. A kid that got "Blowed-Up, Sir!" by an IED in a hummvee while riding shotgun on convoy duty. The IED went off RIGHT OUTSIDE HIS DOOR!!! Said he went ass over tea-kettle and wound up up-side down in the back. He got himself un-screwed and then un-assed himself, his buddies and their gear and weapons and got them set up in a defensive position to return fire.

Did I mention he REALLY looks like a kid??

I saw a pic of the DESTROYED hummvee (friggin' miracle anything survived) and video he made of his unit setting off IED's they'd find.

I thought my heart was gonna jump outta my chest with pride at the chance to spend time in this young warrior's presence and it was my HONOR to feed him burgers and canned porkchops 'til he was ready to bust at the seams and have him stretch out on the couch in a post-gorge lull...

(but I think 3 cheese burgers with the works and a plate of cheese-burger hamburger helper, his two favorite foods, would tend to zonk out most anybody...)

I'm gonna swap e-mail addresses and try to get his permission to post his vids and pix here. (if I can figger it out...) What I little I saw of his vids blew me away and I'm sure "from the horses mouth" material will knock your socks off too... And, while I hope something works out so The War doesn't take him away again, but if it does, I hope to stay in touch with him and be able to provide updates and contact info, cause these guys need to know that while the patchouli-smelling, I-Hate-America hippies and politicians are getting all the press, REAL AMERICANS support them 1010%!!!

And my thanks to ALL the troops, past and present, out there doing the job of keeping us all free (even the ungrateful bastages that don't deserve to breathe the same air as JMFL does).


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