14 May 2006

Those Meddleing Mexicans

I found this over at http://michellemalkin.com/ and thought I'd pass it along with some of my thoughts about it...

"The Mexican Consulate in Indianapolis has launched an investigation into the arrests of 76 Hispanic immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents Tuesday in Northern Kentucky..."

(Just who the FUCK does The Land Of The Neverending Wetback and Bad Booze think it is, investigating ANY United States agency?!?!? Those assholes would be better off spending some of the TWENTY BILLION U.S. DOLLARS that get looted by invading aliens and shipped back to mexico on Un-fucking their own lawless, third-world shit-hole.)

"...Gil Esparza, director of the Hispanic Resource Center in Covington, said he is trying to help family members of those detained understand the situation. Esparza said he is also referring individuals to the Mexican Consulate to ensure their rights are protected."

(RIGHTS?!?! What fucking RIGHTS is this retarded ass-munch talking about?? These "individuals" are here ILLEGALLY, which, for those of you edumacated in Pubic Skools, means THEY HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHTS IN THIS COUNTRY SHORT OF NOT BEING SHOT ON SIGHT BEFORE WE THROW THEIR ASSES BACK OVER THE BORDER!!!

"I get calls from people scared and crying saying, 'What do we do? What do we do?'" he said..."

(Shoulda stayed South of the border where you weren't a criminal in The United States... DUH!!)

"Some of those arrested, Esparza said, "had kids in school at the time and now they have no mother and father to go home to. ... Then, immigration takes (those arrested) to jail, but nobody in jail speaks Spanish. ... That's my concern. ... I think it's right to go after the employer ... but my people are just looking for freedom. They're looking for hope. My heart breaks for them..."

(Four part reply:
1: La Migra has the invaders addresses now, send The Law out to round up all those future MS-13 members after they get home from school and toss their little asses over the line with their folks...

2: "..nobody in jail speaks spanish.." Big Fucking Deal... shoulda rearned speekee engrish Pancho, you're in The United States now (for a SHORT time, I hope...) and English is what is spoken here...

3: "..go after the employer.." First words that make sense outta scum-bag's mouth, they are at LEAST as guilty as the invaders, mebbe more so in some cases of exploitation. Arrest, fine the shit out of and jail some of these asses and mebbe the rest will pick up a case of The Clue...

4: ...but he instantly jumps back on The Bullshit Express with that spew about freedom and hope. We have that here in abundance, and we're happy to share... JUST SIGN THE GUEST BOOK ON THE WAY IN AND FILL OUT THE PROPER PAPERS AND YOU'RE WELCOME TO GO OUT AND GRAB ALL THE FREEDOM AND HOPE YOU CAN!!!)

"Sergio Aguilera, consul of Mexico for Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Southern Illinois, said he is concerned that the arrests are part of a growing trend that will put many more immigrants behind bars. He said it is unclear whether those arrested this week face deportation or jail time, if convicted. But, he said the shock waves of the immigrant "round-ups" are causing great concern among the Hispanic community..."

(If I were King, jail AND deportation would be the order of the day. 1st offense, since "they came here looking for work", 13 months hard labor on Sheriff Joe's chain-gang then tossed across the border... (hopefully before long it'll be a WALL we can toss 'em over!!) 2nd time, TEN YEARS making little ones outta big ones, and tossed over the wall. Then, third strike, YER OUT!! Flip a coin... heads, LIFE at hard labor in Tent City or tails, firing squad, no appeals. They're not citizens, they are criminal invaders and have no right to legal council, much less appeal.)

"I think it is certainly strange that all of the sudden authorities are taking so much interest in companies that employ immigrants, and are now launching so many of these types of operations, because they probably knew this a long time ago," he said..."

(We've known about it for DECADES, but Washington turned a blind eye to it because the volume of We The People's shouts of DO SOMETHING!! weren't loud enough. But with The Net, more and more people can get the straight poop, and not the filtered diarrhea of the Main Stream Media, and so are getting pissed off and are raising their voices louder and together in election-losing numbers...

So, our Ruling Class, not having figured out a way to install themselves in the post for life without the possibility of having to face The Hangman, are still dependant on us peons for our vote. This being the case, they feel the rising wind of change in MOST of The Unites States, and this particular wind blows no good for them if they don't toss at least a little cake to the peasants to keep them placated. But, I fear, like all winds, this one will eventually blow itself out after the mercury of the political thermometer drops...)

"Our concern is that these operations by immigration keep popping up everywhere and we don't know exactly what's going to happen. We would like to know if this is going to stop at some point. We are hopeful that the work of the Senate and Congress will result in some kind of immigration law, so that people that are in the middle of all these operations of immigration are not affected - that the law will allow them to stay here..."

(They're concerned about us enforcing our laws?? Hopefully this is just the start of a tsunami of change in the way we deal with invaders from a foreign nation that will not even slow down until this country is secured, North, South, East and West!! STOP??? Not if 80% of us have our say, Esparza...

Oh and by the way, bean-boy, we already have laws that allow for people to stay here, they just have to ask permission first. We don't need any new laws, in fact there are TENS OF THOUSANDS (take the Tax Code, please...) we could be shed of with no ill-effects. We just need to enforce the ones we have already, which hopefully means this is just the first pinch in a good, long, HARD squeeze that's needed in this country.)

I notice he didn't mention anything about all the illegal rapists, thieves and murders that are here too... Nary a peep about the illegal that just killed a Nashville Mother and Daughter. This little shit is a repeat offender. Already been deported once, so The Law had fuckhead's prints on file and fortunately he left a print at the scene, so they managed to ID and catch the prick.

Does Esparza's "heart break" for these people too??? After all, they are just looking for a little mayhem and murder...

My heart bleeds for them...

Purple Peanut Butter....

To the tune of a nano-tech violin.....


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