03 May 2006

Char-Griller Mods

This is just a note-to-self, but why not see if I can get some mileage outta it:

I had an idea about making my new Char-Griller firebox smoker/grill a "True Multi-Tasker" ala Alton Brown (Good Eats Be Upon Him).

The firebox has four small bolts (appx. 1.75" long) extending two per side from the front and the back of the 'box. I thought if I replaced those with two bolts that went completely thru the box, I could use the cast iron grates from the main chamber for steaks and burgers-n-dogs meals for 2-4 instead of the P.O.S. wire grate that came w/ the thing.

Mebbe get a small cast-iron griddle to put in there for "Breakfast on the Veranda" or "Greasy-Spoon Night". And I think they would be close enough together to hold my wok just outta the fire to get it "Rocket-Hot" for when Remo and Chiun stop by for some "Spicy Sinanju Stirfry" on the way home from work. (gotta get that one on DVD...)

I'll take some measurements, make a hardware run and report back later...

(Ol' Lady mentioned mods to turn it into a pink pig, she thinks it'll be cute, I think it'll be the envy of all my muslim friends at the mosque 'Cue Contest this coming Ramadan...)


The cast iron grates are too long to fit in the firebox. Wally-World has a $30 reversable griddle/grill pan made from "seasoned" cast iron that should just fit in the 'box. As soon as I can snag one I'll be back with a report...


Blogger ]HM[.Platinum.*.-=JDL=- said...

Weber Round grill. Smokes meat and makes pizza.

03 May, 2006 11:21  
Blogger MOMinuteMan said...


Sorry Bob, wrong answer!! Thanks for playing with yourself though. We have some lovely parting gifts for you... besides ANOTHER refill on your lifetime supply of Enzyte, we are including a box of Kleenex Brand, Supercalifragilistic-absorbant for the compulsive onanist tissue!!!

The correct answer is: Suggestions to make the $230 paperweight I ALREADY HAVE sitting on my carport a producer of BBQ manna from Memphis as well as various other B'fasts, lunches and dinners.

03 May, 2006 14:07  

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