04 May 2006

Department of Injustice

Admitted jihadi terrorist asshole and proud of it Moussaoui dodges the headsman due to bleeding heart jurors and gets life in super-max for being involved with the mass murder of almost 3000 Americans, instead of being be-headed with a lead pipe.

Crazy Congress-critter Cynthia McKinny assaults a cop and it's being swept under the rug, nary a word on charges or much else about the case in the news, and my money sez bitch gonna get a pass. ("Betta back da fuck off honkey muthafucka or I'm gonna yell racism!!")

Apparently ANOTHER Kennedy can't handle his booze and has had a "serious accident". Sometime around 0300 today. Police witnessed Senator Boozehound, jr. swerving before hitting a barricade, severely damaging the car. He was witnessed staggering after the crash, not given a sobriety test and later driven home by P.D. officers (to sleep it off and destroy any evidence left in his system). Of course, his office issued the requsite "No booze involved" statement. Some on the P.D. have voiced concerns about not being allowed to complete their investigation, and of course, (after getting a good nap, hangover fighting breakfast and coffee and brushing his teeth) Kennedy sez he'll cooperate with any investigation. (Big fucking deal... there's no evidence left so it boils down to "it's your word against mine, and I'm a Congress Kennedy so fuck off!")

He's gonna get a pass... At least he was by himself, no passenger to let drown while he gets his ass covered before calling the police an hour and a half or so later like Dear Old Dad did, that woulda been too Twilight Zone. Which reminds me, not only has daddy been getting a pass for drunken homicide since 1969, he is consistantly re-elected by people who know full well they're voting for a blow-hard, boozing killer but choose to forget that little tid-bit.

(UPDATE: Rep. Crash Kennedy, D-J&B has said he had taken "medicines prescribed by my Doctor" a nausea med that has a tranquilizing effect, and Ambien to "Help me sleep". He said he got "confused and was on his way to a vote in congress". "vote"? At 0300?? uh huh, sure Bob. And if me granny had wheels, she'd be a wagon. Admits to being "impared". Charges? I'm not holding my breath.)

Both of the above incidents happened in front of Capitol Police officers. If you or I had done either of these things, we'd have been taser'd, tear-gassed and tossed to the ground, cuffed, stuffed and still be UNDER the jail with visions of rape and abuse and threat of death dancing in our heads until we proved our innocence.


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