02 May 2006

America The Ignorant

From a report on FoxNews.com: A Roper poll conducted for National Geographic has this ray of sunshine about the future of The United States:

"Despite wall to wall coverage of the damage from Huricane Katrina, nearly one-third of young Americans recently polled couldn't locate Louisiana on a map and nearly half were unable to identify Mississippi. Americans between 18 (recent public high school GRADUATES , I presume) and 24 (enuff time to get thru college without learning a fucking thing) fared even worse with foreign locations: six in ten (6 in 10, for you P.S. grads out there) couldn't find Iraq..."

(Disclaimer: I would be in the "just 14%" that believe being bilingual is a necessary skill. This is The United States of America. English is what is spoken here. Don't wanna rearn speekee engrish, fine, then take your sorry ass back to Bumfukistan or whatever third world shit hole you crawled out of and speak whatever series of gunts, hacks and spits that passes for your "native tongue".)

Wonder how home- or private schooled kids would do? Just to make it fair, only Jr. High and lower equivalent grade home/private-schoolers would be allowed to compete. (Wouldn't want all those P.S. mental-pussies to get beat too bad and have their widdle feewings hurt.)

It gets worse. Head on over and see.

I see rough seas ahead if people don't get their heads outta their asses and change course, and have overheard whispered mutterings of mutiny from some of the crew if things don't show signs of real change...


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