04 May 2006

I Gotta Get A Grant

From Foxnews.com comes a report that the sky is blue, water is wet, and bats use SONAR to track their prey...

From The World Book Encyclopedia, circa 1969 and personal scientific obervation made by my two brothers and me as we stood under the pole-light in the driveway tossing pebbles into the air for the bats that lived in the barn to chase as they snagged the bugs swarming around the light when we was kids...

No, wait, that's not it... Some egghead at U. of MD. got a grant to make infrared video and computer animations of bats chasing bugs at night. "A new study reveals bats zero in on a target using techniques similar to those employed by a guided missile."

No shit, Sherlock... Target tracking system+trajetory-change calculating computer= Target interception. But it would be more accurate to say "torpedo" instead of "guided missile", 'cuz bats use SONAR as oppopsed to RADAR.

I coulda told them this 30 years ago. Amazing what you can learn if you turn off IQ sapping shit like American Idiot (diarrhea be upon it) and open a book once in a while...

Now I'm off to email Prof. Egghead and crew to let them know I'll be expecting a check of my cut of the loot...



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