27 April 2006

Shootin' Irons

Say what you will about the big name gun makers, how the 1911 is the ultimate pistol, the .357 mag being the be all and end all round, how that no-safety having, plastic wonder gun Glock is the best thing since sliced bread, (you'll re-think that if you ever have one pointed at your head by a nervous cop w/ his finger on the trigger in a case of mistaken identity), yadda-yadda-yadda, blah-blah-blah, etc., ad nausem...

My money is on Ruger.

I've bagged more tree-rats, easter-bunnies, and assorted other small varmints at up to 100+yd ranges w/ a Ruger 10/22 LR than I can count. I've owned at least 8 different 10/22's since I was a teen, and even the most worn-out one was accurate enough to hit what I aimed at.

I have a friend that owns a Mark I that he inherited from his Dad. Between the two of them, they shot it so much that some part of the bolt wore out (don't remember what piece). He contacted Ruger and they had never heard of that kind of failure before because they make their smallest guns outta the same material as their biggest guns, and would he be kind enough to ship it to them for examination to correct the problem and repair (on their dime). Customer service of the finest kind. (not to mention that Ruger expects their shit to out live more than one owner)

So it was my lucky day when I stumbled across a down on his luck sod with a early model Ruger P-90 .45 acp, four Ruger mags, cleaning kit, gun-rug, range bag and 200-odd rounds of ammo for $150!! SOLD!!! (I say early model 'cuz it has the metal not poly reciever)

I took it out shooting with a varied combo of ammo, 185 gr., 230gr., jhp, fmj, and after about 300 rounds, the only malfunction was a failure to feed that I think was caused by my Brother limp-wristing the thing.

I don't know why I don't hear/read more about Ruger handguns as carry options, but I know that this P-90 shoots better than the G.I. 1911 I qualed and carried as an MP, and being a big, strong sumbitch, the heavy DA first shot is nothing more than an extra safety against blasting something I don't wanna blast. And my large frame allows me to carry this big, re-assuring, heavy chunk-o-gun (size (1/2" shorter) and weight (36 oz.) are almost the same as a 1911-a1) concealed in a IWB holster w/o problem.

Given that the average Ruger runs anywhere from $100 less to half the cost of comparable guns, and will last as long if not longer, and already have most of the fine tuning done outta the box, I don't see why anybody but a gun-snob would wanna pay more.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong... (but I doubt it)


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