26 April 2006

Opening Salvo

Lemme see... went thru the process of creating this blog so I could rant somewhere besides at the t.v., other blogs and at the the Ol' Lady, and now it's time for "The First Post", now what???

I know! How about the old "all about wonderful lil' ol' me" post??

42 years old, S.E. Missouri resident most of my life. I call Memphis, TN. my home away from home (the fact that Big M is the Center Of The BBQ Universe, and all those all-night, in-ground pig roasts my Dad and his Navy buddies and family would have explains my heroin-like addiction to good 'cue.)

I love guns, have a few, and am fairly proficient in their use(thanks Dad and Uncle Sugar's Army). I HATE american idol and would love to toss the fuckers responsible for it over a cliff (I mention this 'cause that shit is currently infesting my telly like a zombie outbreak).

I'm for free speech (even if both you and what you're saying are blackhole-stupid, i.e. so damn dense that nary a glimmer of intelligence can escape), the right to keep and arm bears and building an ARMED wall across BOTH borders, 'cause fuckers who want us dead just because allah (piss be upon him) sez so, and other fuckers who want to take over the Southwest and extend the shit-hole called Mexico northward a few hundred miles, on MY tax dime. (piss be upon their burritos) are pouring across without so much as a "Fuck you, Gringo!" (wait, they prolly are saying that...)

I'll wait for the DVD of "Flight 93" before I watch it, don't wanna take the chance of running into some loud mouthed sumbitch in the theater who is begging for a beating, (besides, guys w/ weepy-eyes aren't cool in public, but'll get yer ol'lady to honk on bobo in a home theater setting... yeah, I cryed when Data died in Trek: Nemesis, so??"

Good Eats is on Food TV, and A.B. is The Man, so I'll be back...


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