16 July 2007

Monday Motivation

And the bullshits keep on coming. While looking for a pic for the moto-poster, I stepped into this steaming pile. Apparently, JAG OFF thinks his Kung Fu is very powerful.
"An independant mixed martial arts instructor as a United States Marine, Joshua Adam Garcia teaches a fusion based mixed martial arts system he calls STRIKE; combining the study of Jeet Kune Do, Filipino martial arts, and Thai fighting with freestyle wrestling and the concepts of Russian Systema, Mauy Thai, and Brazilian JuJitsu."

There's a couple of pix that I assume are supposed to be JAG OFF demonstrating his leet training skillz, but I'll be damned if I can ID him in either photo. There are also three videos that appear to be from USMC hand to hand combat training, but there ain't no JAG OFF to be found there either.

You'd think that someone who claims to have been a martial arts instructor for The Corps would be graceful enough to pull off a little Emeril-type "BAM!!" without falling on his ass. This fat fuck couldn't fight his way out of a shit house, much less teach a Marine anything.

And regarding developing a fighting system: Getting your cock in a choke hold does not a ninja make. This assmunch couldn't develop a beer fart if he drained a case of The Beast and chased it with sofrito.



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