15 July 2007

Sunday Prayers

(Found over at Knowledge is Power)

On a recent cam-PAIN stop to pander to the great unwashed Christbags without which these hypocrites would not have a shot in hell at the Presidency, a Camp Forger secret operative managed to get close enough to hear what was being muttered under their breath while they oh so piously posed for a pseudo-prayer photo-op...

Puff, The Magic Negro - "Allah Ak... er, I mean, Our homey who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy bling. The White House come, my will be done, in D.C. as it is on the South Side. Give me an' my niggaz our daily 40s. Forgive us our pimpin' as we bust a cap in the ass of those who pimp against us. Lead us not back to the 'hood but deliver us from Whitey. For mine is the kingdom, yo, the power, bitch and the muthafuckin' glory forever G. Peace out. "

Hildebeast - "Lord, I know this is a tall order, but if you can keep that idiot Bill's pecker in his pants for another 16 months so it won't fuck up my election, I promise to use the power of the office of President to do your work here on Earth, and... What?? No I don't have my fingers crossed behind my back.... No, really... What deal with Satan??? I don't have a deal with him... I don't care what he said, you know what kind of lying bastard he is.... No, I don't know about any contract in my hand writing signed in Chelsea's virginal blood..."

Breck Girl - "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty, and gay!!!"

Feel free to add your captions in the comments.



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