08 July 2007

Live Earth Postlude

"Live Earth festivities attract an estimated worldwide audience of two billion people, raising awareness about global warming."

Well, I've certainly been made aware.

Aware that CO2 emissions have been responsible for the rise of 1 Celsius in temperature over the past year.

Aware that the United States recorded its coldest winter temperatures of the year in 2006 and 2007.

Aware that Al Gore's global warming speeches were either canceled or forestalled by adverse weather conditions; i.e. blizzards, snowstorms, hail, etc..

Aware that the largest CO2 producer in the world is China, not the United States, and the former is considered a "developing country."

Aware that CO2 emissions are affected by the rising in temperatures, not vice versa.

Aware that 90% of the signing scientists in the IPCC either retracted their statements or stated that, after further analysis, that their data might not be correct.

Aware that CO2 emissions actually help the planet; specifically, plants. Lowering CO2 emissions lowers plantlife, but conversely, increasing plantlife increases CO2 emissions since there are more animals around to eat the plants. D'oh!

Anybody else find it ironic that they held the festivities on the hottest month of the year? Always remember; a liberal's last resort, which always works, is music. Now you'll get every Follywood pundit in the U.S. saying "OMG, we need to do something about this. Why? Look at how many people showed up for Live Earth. Two billion! The people MUST be well informed." Pops told me that most of the people who attended Live Earth didn't give a rat's ass about OwlGore's message. They were just there for all the mainstream artists.

But, hey, go ahead and plant your 100,000 trees. Can't hurt, after all.

Just remember, I'm not going to pay tax dollars in support of a religion.


Update: They changed the headline on Wikipedia! "Live Earth concerts are held at eleven locations around the world in an attempt to raise awareness about global warming."

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Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

I gotta call bullshit on their audience numbers... They're claiming that 1/3 of the planet's population watched this tripe??

PUH-LEEZ.... The concert in Londonistan lost viewers to TENNIS for god's sake.

How bad does your shit stink when you lose audience to tennis???

09 July, 2007 09:33  

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