29 April 2007

State of the U.S. and Burackobamamania

Many thanks to the HM admins, who stopped a potential political wildfire on the forum. I go to HM to communicate with my family, not start a war. But I was about to make what I thought was a well-structured reply, so I'll post it here on the blog.

JMO sez, in reply to my statement about somebody's ideas [about Obama being a good presidential candidate] being - IMO - the wrong side:
What are you even implying by saying that?
I am implying nothing more than stating that my opinion differs from his (and yours, apparently). Is it a crime to state my mind? I'm neither Democrat, nor Communist, Socialist, Marxist, big-governmentist, so I think that I have a reason to believe that I have concerns about someone's political preference.

Then a side-by from Sharp:
JMo about obama and the link you sent... How many presidents have promised LESS than what he promises and could not do what they promised because of the budgets, senate, and other legal "stuff"? Do you really think he will be able to do half of what he promises during his 2 maybe even 1 term in office?
It can't be proven. No one can prove it, because in the past 30 years, no President has been able to fully stand by their policies and represent the "views of the people" since FDR. In an era of instability and ineducation, politicians seek power, and they obtain that power by appealing to the lowest common denominator. Majority vote worked back in the days when the community was concentrated between thirteen states. Now, it's like putting on a one-size-fits-all T-shirt. It really doesn't quite fit everyone.

Now it pains me to say this, but to ensure surefire security for the United States, we either have to steer towards two directions. One is a communism, and the other is a libertarianism. Under communism, the government has absolute power and the people have no power. Under libertarianism, a government has no power (apart from the necessary judicial system and sales tax, among other things) and the people have individual rights. The candidates we are experiencing right now are neither communist nor libertarian. The electoral process has become a media circus.

JMo, I sincerely apologize for attempting to continue the discussion on my home turf. However, I felt that the comments that you and Sharp made required rebuttal. Feel free to post a response here on the blog.

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