24 April 2007

Fat Lesbian Vampire Moonbat VS. Tree-Hugging Hippy Moonbat

Want something to put you off your feed for a couple of days??? Try this visual...

(From Boortz.com...)


...Sheryl Crow has developed her own solution to global warming. We should all limit ourselves to one square of toilet paper for each visit to the pond ... three, if things turn particularly nasty. Yesterday Rosie O'Donnell responded to to Sheryl's absurd suggestion with just five words .. five well-chosen words.

"Have you seen my ass?"

It's too early in the day for this kind of mental poison...

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go bleach my brain...

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Blogger NZ_Nitrogen said...

Sorry, Forger. I gotta go with Rosie O'Blobble on this one.

Though she's a brain-dead cheesecake the size of Denver, what's left of those little gray cells is exponentially larger than what Sheryl's packing.

25 April, 2007 14:55  

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