17 April 2007

Gun Grabbers Already Crawling Like Maggots on the Corpses of Their Victims

(With apologies to Emperor Misha I over at The Rott for thieving off with his title, but this was too good to not share...)

The fucking gun fearing pussies didn't even wait for the goddamn bodies to get cold and the next of kin to be notified before they came crawling outta their fucking festering cess pits of socialism and start screaming for more unconstitutional gun control laws.

What fucking part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" do you fuckwits not understand??? The Second Amendment was written in plain language, so maybe the problem is you fucktards no speekee engrish velly well??

Part of it is to guarantee our right to protect ourselves from fucking animals like this unhinged gomer, but also to protect ourselves from wanna be royality, drunk with power, who want to put a boot on our necks and disarm us in order to secure their positions as our supposed betters and masters, and know they can't do that if we can shoot back...

Just ask King George III how well that shit worked out for him when he tried to disarm us a couple hundred years ago and we told him "FUCK OFF!!" and we kicked his country's ass to the curb and formed the greatest country on the face of this rock...

Then ask Israel what happened when Hitler disarmed the Jews and then marched 6 million folks to the death camps because they couldn't fight back...

Then ask yourself which situation you'd rather find yourself in....

Misha Sez:
I must protest any suggestions that the students died due to cowardice. Yes, I know that it isn’t what anybody is saying or means to say, but it needs to be made absolutely clear.

It is true that standing by idly, unarmed or not, while a madman assaults you with a weapon is the single most suicidal thing that you can do. By charging him you at least have a chance of surviving and, even if you don’t survive, your charge and death will create a diversion for others to follow up on.

Attack into the ambush!

But we must not forget that those young people only behaved like we, as a society, have taught them to behave.

Society has taught them that “aggression is baaaaaad” and that “violence never solved anything” and we, you and I, are society too. We failed them by letting others do violence to their psyches, we failed them by not protesting loudly enough, we failed them by not attacking into the ambush of liberalism, pacifism and passivity in the face of danger. And when we did attack, we failed them by not pressing the charge hard enough.

It’s the hard, harsh, painful truth, and I’m typing this through tears because I failed them too.

They were what we had let them become, they had only the tools that they’d been given, tools that proved as useless as they were lethal to them.

Not because we didn’t do anything to crush those who pussified our youth, we’ve all done something, there is no doubt about that, but because we didn’t do enough.

We’ve all done what we felt we could do, yet the enemy still controls the high ground. They still poison the minds of our youth with shibboleths of passivity in the face of danger, pacifism in the face of war and their rules and regulations still prohibit the proper and responsible use of self-defense.

We’ve done what we felt we could do, yet we can all see that it wasn’t enough.

We must draw a line in the sand. Not for ourselves, but for the future of our nation, for the benefit of future generations that have been emasculated before our very eyes.

No further. Not another inch. This is the hill we fight and, if needs be, die on. The enemies of all that is good and right in this world will not get away with it anymore.

We will no longer tolerate watching our youth be turned into sheep ready for the slaughter.

We will no longer tolerate un-Constitutional laws that condemn our children to death at the hands of madmen.

We will no longer tolerate “teachers” teaching our kids to sit idly by while they’re being attacked.

We will no longer give an inch in the battle for their minds and souls.

We will no longer tolerate enemies of the Constitution perverting and dishonoring that sacred document, a document that is the very essence of our nation, the soul of our country that better men than we can ever hope to be fought, bled and died for, the document that many of us swore a sacred oath to defend to the last full measure against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

We will no longer tolerate any of this.

The students at VT didn’t fail each other, they didn’t fail themselves.

We failed them.

No more of that. It ends here.

I like this hill, the view is nice, the cause is just, and it’s a good one to die on. Care to join me?

And my reply...

Move over, for this cause, any day is a good day to die.



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