20 April 2007

Student Attempts To Mace Teacher, Instead Maces Fellow Student

(found at AoSHQ)

Just goes to show that if you're gonna carry mace, you should get proper training in it's use...

GARY, Ind., April 20 A Gary, Ind., high school freshman was arrested after she injured a student with a mace -- a spiked ball attached to a long wooden stick by a metal chain.

The 15-year-old girl, who was not identified, swung the weapon at a teacher but instead struck a fellow student who attempted to intervene, the Gary Post-Tribune reported Friday. The second student, a 19-year-old senior, suffered cuts on her hand.

"It's heavy, and it's metal, and it's sharp," Detective Sgt. Darlene Breitenstein said of the weapon. The girl, who is being held at the Lake County (Ind.) Juvenile Justice Center on battery charges, told police she brought the weapon to school because she was "tired of getting picked on." "I took the weapon to the detention center for the judge to see," Breitenstein said. Charmella Greer of the Gary Community School Corp. said the school system plans to take disciplinary action against the freshman. She said she did not know how the girl managed to smuggle the large weapon past school metal detectors.



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