17 April 2007

Two's Company...

Hiya, folks.

I want to give my utmost thanks to Mominuteman (aka Forger) who gave me the wonderful opportunity to become a contributor to this blog. As a fully working crew member of Camp Forger Headquarters, I pledge to maintain a safe, clean atmosphere for all readers, and assure that no feelings shall be harmed, and no topic I bring up will damage anyone's sensibilities.

Pshyeah, right. This is Camp Forger's headquarters, not a tea party. Why spare people the truth. If I intended to keep this boat clean, harmless, and safe for all people, I would have been turned down in an instant. My position is to tell people:

A. What I know.
B. What they should know.
C. What the government doesn't want you to know.

And one thing the government doesn't want you to know is this (taken from Boortz.com):

This isn't one of those freaky BS coincidential "periodical global warming" charts, or a measure of the national debt, folks. This is hard facts, stuff that you should know. How many years do you think it'll be before the tax code tops 100,000 pages? If you haven't done so already, go to http://boortz.com, and thou shalt discover the truth there of what the government is doing to put you in a socialist vegetative state. The United States is officially the last remaining non-developing capitalist country in the world. And damn, it ain't going away without a terrible fight.

Again, my thanks to Mr. Forger. Enough of the cheesy opening comments. The world's gonna be rocked a little harder from now on.

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Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

Helluva opening salvo mate, no holds barred, keep up the good work!!

17 April, 2007 22:25  
Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

And for God's sake, don't call me MISTER!!! That's what you call ossifers...

I've been known to work for a living...

17 April, 2007 22:37  

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