07 March 2007

Wednesday Weird Al - Polkas On 45

Got a '95 Ford Ranger King-Cab Pickup from The Bossman the other week. Been using it to move into the new cave. It came with a purple and blue flame body stripe across the top of the windshield and hoopty go-cart tires on the rims. Got rid of the fucked up flames last week and got new tires on it today.

White wall tires.

Now, the Ol' Lady has formally declared that I am an Old Fuck and that she is married to her Father because I put the white wall to the outside instead of the inside. Personally, I think that having the white wall to the inside looks sillier than having them to the outside and I have no problem with the way it looks 'cause it's just a beater with a quarter of a million miles on it.

So, in that Old Fuck vein, I give you this week's Wednesday Weird Al...

(Anybody else remember 45's??? The records, not the rounds...)



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