16 September 2006

Saturday South Park - Fun With Weapons

I thought I'd add some other recurring themes to the blog in addition to "I Gotta Get A Grant" (which reminds me that it's about time for a sequel...), so in that vein please welcome "Saturday South Park".

I have never really watched South Park, but with the endless desert that television is I had to add something besides FoodTV and History Channel and Fox News just for some variety. Having seen the South Park movie and Team America, I figgered that I'd give the show a shot.

I caught an episode one night recently after "Mind Of Mencia" and laughed my ass off, and thought, "Dude! You have missed out!!". So I thought I'd Google up some South Park on the net and lo and behold YouTube has episodes posted.

So as I go thru them, I'll be doing a regular feature on Saturdays of the ones that catch my eye.

So click on the title and get you some South Park, Ninja Style...


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