15 September 2006

Dear Mr. & Mrs. U.S. Citizen, FUCK YOU! Love, Your Government

(The following is from a post I did just before Memorial day, updated to be current with the upcoming election...)

"Since we in congress are nothing more than a bunch of self-serving, power-mad, intoxicated by our authority, lying, thieving bastards that could care less about the general populace because we know as long as we keep them fat, sated and stupid, they'll continue to maintain us in our priviledged ruling class positions over the peasants with their vote...

And knowing that if we talk loud and long enough about something it will appear to the ignorant masses, if they happen to look up from American Idiots long enough, that we are doing everything in our power to do something about the problem, when in fact, we still haven't done a fucking thing and won't do anything until we figure out how We, The Powerful, can profit most from it...

And since that pesky Democratic Process doesn't allow us to install ourselves as your Overlords for life, we can't do a fucking thing about illegal aliens before the election without pissing off those peons upon whom we depend for votes, and the thought of losing an election and having to go back out among the unwashed masses and get a real job scares the living shit out of us. But once we've secured our positions of power again, we'll get around to it. Honest Injun. But don't hold your breath.

And besides, we know that which ever side does the best job of hispandering can count on 12+ million new votes in the next election, and with things being so 50-50 the last few times out, we need every vote we can buy."

Latest Poll Numbers Show:

43% of Americans say that illegal immigration is a serious problem.

57% percent said, “No hablo inglés"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BoomStick here from HM. I must say:

(I couldn't care less if someone is gay. My wife and I had a roommate that is queer as three dollar bill, big deal. The only thing I cared about was that he paid his share of the rent and utilities on time. If you wanna ride your buddy's saddle, go for it. I just don't wanna see the rodeo.)

That made me laugh for quite some time. :)

And as far as the war that is going on, and with had happened 5 years ago...I am with you on everything just about. I didn't quite read it all, but I must say that if you and I were on thebattle field, I would love to have you at my side. I can't stand people who believe that what we are doing is "just so wrong and hateful" or "we should try to come to peace with them" I read the blog section about the peacemakers and the terrorists. No matter how much you try to talk to them....they will always wish for your death. that's just what they believe. If you took an American kid and taught him the same things from birth....that very same "American" kid would kill his entire family if you told him to do it for that religion. And the thing that people don't get is....these are exactly the kind of people we are dealing with...they don't try to find peace with you...peace to them is your death. So yes my friend, I do agree with you, and I am very apreciative that you back up everything with research. I commend you and hope to read more of what you've posted or plan to post.

Just message me on HM site so I know you get this.


25 September, 2006 02:40  

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