06 September 2006

Help Stop Bat-Shit Craziness, Have Your Moonbat Spayed Or Neutered

(Found at Gateway Pundit)

"A groundswell of few dozen protesters showed up yesterday in Washington as "Camp Freedom" kicked off in the nation's capital.

The protesters were without Mother Sheehan who was hospitalized during the Texas protest for dehydration and underwent a hysterectomy."

If they would have spayed that bitch 27 years ago, we wouldn't have all this Code Pink bullshit to put up with now.

I wouldn't trade one Spc. Casey Sheehan for a million Libtard hotties (if you could even find a million of 'em), but his mother isn't worthy of sucking the gout-induced, shit-thru-a-screendoor, projectile diarrhea skid-marks outta my skivvies.


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