10 September 2006

The King Of Kings Or The King Of Rock & Roll??

While The Ol' Lady and I were on I-55 going to Jefferson City Friday AM, we passed by the above Ford Exploder, and we both had the same thought, "Kinda looks like Elvis...".

But in my twisted, heathen mind (aided the fact that I had recently watched Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT! about folks seeing the virgin Mary in their grilled cheese sammiches and other religious icons in odd places), I also wondered if The Holy High Roller had put a mojo on the wiper blade to make it produce an image of Numba One Son.

What do y'all think, should I track down the rig and get the back window and...

A: Sell it on Ebay to the same casino that bought the virgin Mary Grilled Cheese sammich for $28k or...

B: Tote it down to Graceland in Memphis and see what I can get outta Elvis Presley, inc.???


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