08 September 2006

A Road Trip And Midget Sisters Strip

Blogging tonight from the Days Inn in Jefferson City, MO. Had to bring the new land speeder back to the dealer to get a couple of minor details corrected. Repair a cigarette burn in the headliner and getting the exterior detailed properly.

While Ol' Lady is out doing the family thing, I'm sitting in the motel room jamming to the local classic rock station and surfing the 'net, getting my news fix. More Same Shit, Different Day. Then outta the corner of my ear, I heard "STRIPPERS" go over the radio, so I engaged auditory sensor auto-tracking and pay attention to the commercial on the radio.

As it turns out, one of the local titty bars is having "SIX FEET OF STRIPPING MIDGET SISTERS!!!" (3 ft. tall stripping midget sisters X 2 = 6 feet). All of a sudden I feel like I'm driving past a crashed flaming car with bodies hanging outta the windows. You don't wanna look but you feel your head being pulled around to take in the whole twisted scene.

Having managed a nudie bar in a previous life and being a 'net porn aficionado, I don't know why it caught me off guard. I mean, I've seen midget porn, heard of midget ho's, but the thought of midget strippers has never crossed my mind. Much less stripping midget sisters. There is something mildly unsettling about such a idea. Something that causes a disturbance in The Schwartz.... something....

OH SHIT!!!! I gotta get outta here!!! The show starts in 20 minutes...


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