20 August 2006

Tangos On A Plane

Let's be sure the Department of Homeland Insecurity makes sure that Grandma Moses in her wheelchair and O2 tank don't sneak some exploding knitting needles on her flight...

Or that Mrs. White Middle America and her kid don't have nail clippers planted in his diaper or some Anthrax virus in her breast milk...

But most importantly, DO NOT OFFEND some rag-head, 17-45 y/o muslime (NOT a typo), goat raping, Death To America, wants you dead, camel piss drinking member of a religion that has pulled off 99&44/100% of the terrorist actions in the last decade, piece of shit, sand-nigger motherfucker praying to Allah (Pork Fat Be Upon Him) on a plane by telling him that he's freaking out passengers who don't wanna be a greasy spot on the side of a building to get THE FUCK OFFA THE PLANE!!!

Sorry, Hadji, but if in the middle of my plane ride you wanna break out your prayer rug and figger out where you are in relation to Mecca so that you can face the right way and bend your ass down in the walkway and start spouting off in Raggish, you are gonna get my attention.

And odds are that I'm gonna tackle your ass and commence to beating the fuck outta you because I figger that you are asking for your 72 virgins before you touch off your bomb to get your ticket to paradise, and I don't wanna take the trip with you.

And if getting put off the plane because you are acting like a camel-cock sucking terrorist offends you... FUCK YOU, YOU SAND NIGGER, PIECE OF SHIT MOTHERFUCKER!!!

Fuck the dumb shit, it's time we put a Memphis-Style Smoked Pulled Pork Butt BBQ Wrapped In Bacon And Extra Ham Sammich Glow In The Dark Jihad on Mr. I-Hate-America-Tango-Asshole.

I'm a hickory smoked cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker!


(Still haven't figgered out the linky thing... Copy and paste ye scurvy dogs...)


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