27 February 2008

Wendnesday Weird Al - Virus Alert

Friendly 'worms' could spread software fixes...

Microsoft researchers are hoping to use "information epidemics" to distribute software patches more efficiently.

Software worms spread by self-replicating. After infecting one computer they probe others to find new hosts. Most existing worms randomly probe computers when looking for new hosts to infect, but that is inefficient, says Vojnović, because they waste time exploring groups or "subnets" of computers that contain few uninfected hosts.

Look at the words in bold... Those are NOT words I want to hear when referring to my computer. Windows is already as holey as swiss cheese and they've barely got XP secure enough to venture into the 'Net, the last thing I want is them poking more holes in it and inserting their worms in there to "INFECT" (their exact word) my box.

(Besides, an expert tells me worms make your ass itch...)

Now look at the word in quotes in the last sentence... "subnet".

I seem to recall a story in which the main antagonist had a name very close to that, in fact it was only two letters off. It wound up sending a trio of cyborg killing machines into the past to destroy the only man who could stop it's plan of wiping humans off the face of the planet.

Hey, if Nostradamus can mean that evil, Nazi sumbitch "Hitler" when he wrote "Hister" and still be taken seriously, I can be a couple of letters off, too.



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