20 December 2007

The More I Know People, The More I like Dogs

Marine Cpl. Dustin Jerome Lee and his German shepherd, Lex, scoured Iraq for roadside bombs together, slept next to each other and even posed in Santa hats for a holiday photo.

When a mortar attack killed the 20-year-old Marine in Falluja a few months later, Lex, whimpering from his own injuries, had to be pulled away, Lee's father was told.

That strong bond compelled the slain Marine's family to [petition the Marines to] adopt 8-year-old Lex even though the military said he still had two years of service.

The family lobbied the military for months, launched an Internet petition and enlisted the aid of a North Carolina congressman who took their case straight to the Marine Corps' top general.

As Paul Harvey would say, The Rest Of The Story...

Semper Fi, Lex. Good Boy.



Anonymous Ed Raven said...

It's bad enough they're sending kids to die, but they have to maim DOGS too?

Where's the ASPCA?

For shame!

20 December, 2007 20:14  
Anonymous Platinum said...

Amazing. *shakes head sadly*

You're entitled to your opinion. Even if it's moronic.

20 December, 2007 21:20  
Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Ed.

21 December, 2007 05:13  
Blogger NZ_Nitrogen said...

Wanna see my new blog Eddy? Click my name and follow me to the Valley of the Damned. :) You would fit in quite nicely.

21 December, 2007 10:20  

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