06 December 2007

Just A Quick Note...

...to the fucking hood rats at the game tonight...

Here in S.E. Missouri, we are Americans and goddamned fuckin' proud of it!!! And when The National Anthem is being sung before a game, you fucking well stand and salute if you are MilPers, or if civvie, you put your right hand over your heart.

You DO NOT sprawl out on the bench, hold onto your pathetic pecker, or roll your fucking eyes as if to say, "Fuck this cracker shit..." Plenty of crackers AND niggers have fought and died to keep this country free so you can act like an uncivilized savage that doesn't know how to use a fucking belt.

And I'd be willing to bet that somewhere in your bloodline is a relative who served and if they were there tonight, they would have slapped you in the back of your nappy head and say, "You better stand up and show respect boy before I smack you upside the head again."


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