10 December 2007

Monday Motivation

This one is for JMFL, who went back to the sandbox to do his duty, left is new wife and his family and loved ones to go back to wounded and dying troops for 18+ hour days at Baghdad ER.

And the "sign language" is also for all the fuckhead hippies and lefttard treehuggers and cut and run surrender monkeys who "support the troops" by calling for their dishonorable withdrawal and say they are better troops when they frag their officers...

Wanna end the war?? Put on some fucking boots instead of sandals, pick up a weapon instead of a fucking protest sign, and deploy to the front instead of some leftist enclave where you have all the protections that our troops have secured for over 200 years and kill those who wanna kill you instead of being a pissywhineypussy baby saying, "BushHitlerMcCheneyHaliburton is bad, M'kay..."

You have the right of Free Speech, but I don't have to like the shit that comes outa your filthy sewers...



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