29 June 2007

Blind Rant - Live Earth

Live Earth, as far as I know, is spending lots and lots of money on advertising, rounding up as many people as they can to attend a concert with "the most popular artists", an intent to bring people together to solve "a climate in crisis." I've been to many, MANY websites and almost all of them have advertising of this "Live Earth" concert. I'm not sure if it's the adware on my computer (not likely, I use Firefox)... or perhaps - according to my hunch - they are spending HUGE amounts of money on trying to advertise this. Now wouldn't the money go better trying to solve climate change directly, rather than try to raise funds?

(Pardon me for butting in here, but this concert sounds like a good place for Cartman's Hippie Drill...MMM)

The United States legislative body declared by law that global warming existed. Right. Anyone can say that. Congress can make a decision any day they want that black is white, and that the law of gravity is wrong. Okay, global warming exists, but in the form of solar warming, not emissions. 90% of the IPCC recanted their statements. They don't deny it, but they are skeptic. If so many scientists are skeptic, why did this become law?

Doesn't have anything to do with the fact that our Congress is Democrat, right? NO!!!!!! What would EVER have made me come to that conclusion?! How OUTRAGEOUS!

Keep your eyes on your bills, taxpayers. Look out for a "climate tax." And look for that "climate tax" to remain in place after 30 years, when the Earth's temperatures fall again and people complain about the "impending Ice Age."

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