11 December 2006

Monday Blues

Nancy Pelosi is gonna be Speaker of the House, everybody she's suggested for various offices has a questionable history, if not an outright criminal history. The Dhimmicrats are gonna be in the majority in both houses of congress. Louisiana re-elected William "Cold Cash" Jefferson (remember him with $90K out of a $100K bribe he's on tape taking stashed in his freezer, diverting National Guard relief resources to get shit outta his house which prolly included that money while his constituents sit on their roofs awaiting rescue), and the citizens of Louisiana bitching because $58 FUCKING BILLION ain't enough to fix their little hellhole (try looking at the fuckwads you idiots elect to take care of shit like that, assholes). The Iraq Surrender Group report is pulling a Cronkite and saying the war is un-winable and saying we should withdraw, thus making the sacrifice of almost 3000 warriors for naught. We don't even get a fucking break from campaign season, because the media started "You Decide 2008" before the votes from "You Decide 2006" were even counted, so instead of 8 month to a year of campaign bullshit, we are looking at 2 solid fucking YEARS of political shit shoveling. The Hildebeast is running for President, and even worse, the power mad cunt Clintoon stands a good chance of winning.

And it's fucking Monday.

So I offer the following as an antidote to the feeling that our country is on the express elevator to Hell, with a suggestion: What say we retire the hard to sing 19th century version of The National Anthem and replace it with something more modern and blatantly 21st century patriotic...



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