27 September 2006

Ed Said That I'm A Gun Nut (Which Reminds Me, The Gun Show Starts The Day After Tomorrow...)

("Say hello to my little friend...")

(I know that I'm not gonna change anybody's mind, no matter how big a clue-by-four I hit them between the eyes with, unless they want to change it, but it's my blog and I can beat any dead horses here that I want to...)

Ed Raven said...
Apparently you misinterpreted most of my post,

(I just went back and double checked to be sure your comment was in English, and since I've been reading at a college level since the sixth grade, I'll assume I read it correctly. I guess that I'm not "nuanced" enough to understand the peace at any cost crowd. Mebbe that's the same reason that I didn't vote for that idiot Kerry.)

...however I am not surprised as you are a textbook gun nut.

(Guilty as charged, yer Honor! And Proud as hell about that fact, too. Although I'd like to know what "textbook" you get your facts from. I bet it's chock-full of lots of other left-wing hippie bullshit as well. And just for the record, beside my P-90, I also own two rifles. One is a Marlin .22 and the other is a SKS.

A mishandled gun or nuclear weapon can cause chaos, riots, and unnecessary deaths.

(A properly handled gun or nuclear weapon can prevent chaos, riots and unnecessary deaths. Just ask any of the thousands of people who weren't raped or killed because they had a gun. Or you can ask any of the MILLIONS of American Soldiers, Japanese Soldiers and civilians who weren't killed in an invasion of the Japanese home islands in WWII because we used nuclear weapons to stop the war before we had to invade.)

Think of the poor defenseless Muslim children who will be killed in all of this bloodshed! We hear in the news every day of children who die because of the presence of the Marines.

(Think of poor defenseless muslim children whose OWN FUCKING PARENTS will gladly strap a bomb belt around their waists and send them out to kill as many other people as possible. Ever seen photos of the aftermath of a suicide bombing?? Now there's some bloodshed, bubba. That's what's killing the poor, widdle muzzie kids. And don't give me any shit about "Well, if we weren't there, they wouldn't be doing that." They've been pulling that shit in Israel, England and elsewhere since LONG before we ever went to Iraq, just because somebody doesn't believe the way they do. And look on the bright side. Being blown up is a lot less painful than being raped or beaten to death or being fed feet first into a shredder because Saddam wanted to make a point with your parents.)

If we can't trust the Marines, who can we trust?

(Well, there's The Army, The Navy and The Air Force, and their respective Guard and Reserve components, all of whom are pretty adept at breaking things and killing people (AKA: "How to WIN a fucking war"), but The Marines are at the top of that particular food chain.)

We must all learn to love each other and join hands, for every one is equal.

(Sorry, but I don't know the words to Kumbaya. And it's hard for me to love someone who would gladly hack off my head because I won't pray to their god. And just so there's no misunderstanding, I don't pray to any god. And I don't plan on starting anytime soon.)

Thanks for playing, Ed and we have some lovely parting gifts, including a tie-dyed t-shirt and a year's supply of patchouli for you offstage...


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