02 August 2007

Why Politics Sucks: The double-standard aegis

1. A group of Christian extremists bomb a public building inside New York. Muslims lash out against Christian fundamentalists, priests (and even just Christians), stating that "they are the very reason mankind is doomed." Amidst Muslim riots in Turkey and the rest of the Balkans, the Pope is forced to make a statement condemning the actions of the extremists.

2. A group of Muslim extremists bomb a public building inside New York. The government condemns the Muslim extremists for their actions. The extremists, angered, sue the government for religious discrimination. Muslims riot against "the evil American regime" in Turkey, the Balkans, the Middle East, etc..

1. A Mexican dashes across the United States border. Border patrol that attempted to shoot at him are arrested for misuse of a lethal weapon. The Mexican receives $500,000 in compensation, a driver's license, and citizenship. Mexico publicly condemns the United States for their actions.

2. An American dashes across the Mexican border. He is shot on the spot, and left out in the desert to be picked apart by vultures. Mexico publicly condemns the United States for their actions.

1. The NASDAQ plunges 300 points in one day on the NYSE. Economists fear an impending depression, and the government is blamed for mismanaging the economy.

2. The NASDAQ skyrockets 600 points in one day on the NYSE. Economists warn traders that the rise in price is just the beginning of an explosion, which will soon result in a great depression. The government is ordered to raise capital gains taxes.

1. A black man is beaten on the street by a gang of white criminals. The NAACP unleashes an outcry to the government for civil rights laws.

2. A white man is beaten on the street by a gang of black criminals. The NAACP pays no attention. When it is suggested by a person that whites be given civil rights protection, a lawsuit is filed almost immediately against him.

1. A republic government is established in a third-world country. The media pays no attention and instead broadcasts domestic issues regarding the high price of movie tickets and bottled water.

2. Three children die in a car crash - one an infant - in a third-world country under U.S. occupation. The media immediately jumps on the story, and the surviving child (who happens to be a liberal) is interviewed on David Letterman, Larry King Live, and Hannity & Colmes.



Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

If standards are good, double standards must be double good...

02 August, 2007 14:54  
Anonymous Ed Raven said...

So, NZ_NITROGEN, you're Gun Nut Jr.. Tell me about yourself. I'm very interested to know you.

08 August, 2007 17:34  
Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

You know Ed, you folks that call us "gun nuts" really should be happy that we are around.

Even though you insult us and question our intelligence, if we were in the same location if the shit hit the fan, see Virgina Tech, we would defend your sorry ass as well as our own.

Even if we were face to face, in the middle of a discussion on the merits of gun ownership, and some psycho opened fire, I would tell you to get the fuck down and stay the fuck down while I save our asses from this fucktard by shooting a hole in him the size of a cantaloupe, because you can't save yourself 'cause boomsticks give you the willies.

Seriously dude, those out there intent on doing harm with firearms don't give a damn about "No Firearms Allowed" signs or "Gun Control" laws. They will steal their guns and walk past the signs and kill without a backward glance.

Folks that carry legally, are the most law abiding folks you will run across. And contrary to GFP opinion, a good share of them, myself and Nitro included, have ABOVE genius IQ's...

11 August, 2007 19:24  

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