13 June 2007

Capt. Kirk Asks For Help For The Red Shirts

(found at Star Trek.com)

Shatner Solicits Contributions for Walter Reed Vets

In the wake of the recent scandal surrounding Walter Reed Army Medical Center — in which The Washington Post uncovered the systemic neglect of wounded Iraq War soldiers at what was supposed to be the premier veterans hospital in the nation — William Shatner and his wife Elizabeth are determined to help ease the burden of those servicemen and women and their families. They are soliciting donations, not of money, but of specific items for the Soldier Family Assistance Center at the Washington D.C. facility. Here is a letter from Shatner to his fans, as posted on WilliamShatner.com:

Dear friends,

Elizabeth and I were shocked to learn that an alarming number of wounded U.S. soldiers are not necessarily receiving adequate treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, one of the country's most prestigious hospitals for our armed forces. Many of these brave people have been severely injured and their lives forever changed. It's horrible to contemplate that they are not getting the class-A care that they truly need and deserve.

Instead of waiting for and hoping that the government will remedy the situation, we've taken it upon ourselves to do what we can now. The hospital needs several items for their patients — and we sincerely hope that you will join us in giving back to the men and women who have given so much for our country. Some of the things they need include:

Electric Razors
Portable DVD Players
Men's & Women's Summer Clothing (dress shorts & shirts)
Hair Trimmers
Sports Bras
Ankle Socks
Casual Polo-type Shirts

Gift Cards:
JC Penney
Grocery cards
Gas cards
Pre-paid Visa gift certificates

You can send your items to:

Maurice McDaniel
Soldier Family Assistance Center
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue
Room 3G04
Washington, DC 20307
202-356-1012 x40706

Thank you for all your help and generosity. This is a great way to tell these brave people how grateful and thankful we are for them.

My Best,
William Shatner


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