27 May 2007

From The Dept. Of Gravity Sucks

Don't you just hate it when your ride ain't running right so you take it to the shop, drop the better part of a C-note to get it checked and the tech can't find anything wrong, but a little while later it starts acting screwy again??

Be glad your ride ain't a plane...

A PRELIMINARY investigation into a plane crash in central Queensland last year that killed three people has found the plane had experienced ongoing engine problems.
The light plane crashed at a cattle property near Raglan, 50km north of Gladstone, on October 31 last year.

The crash claimed the lives of all three men on board - Rockhampton pilot Brendon Rassie, 47, Luke Straatmans, 22, from Boyne Island, and Keith Suter, 33, from Gladstone.

An interim report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) released today failed to find the cause of the crash, but outlined ongoing problems with one of the plane's engines.

It found the Piper Chieftain's right engine had failed to start on several occasions in the weeks before the crash.

However, on the morning of October 31 an engineer inspected the engine and a test flight showed it was functioning properly.


Blogger Danielle said...

My name is Danielle Straatmans, and it was my brother killed in that crash. Let me add to the details. The same company that serviced and inspected the plane on the day of the crash also sued our family for not paying them for that work...Would you pay for a service that killed your brother/son along with two good friends????? Now that's FUCKED UP!

19 March, 2008 21:33  

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