25 November 2006

Saturday South Park - Go God Go - Part I

Well, here we are, millions of people have eaten themselves stupid across this country the day before yesterday, and then yesterday, "Black Friday", the first official shopping day of the christmas season, millions more proved themselves stupid by camping out for hours to be the first in line to get "IT". (IT = whatever hot gadget they just HAD to have)

So, in that vein, I present today's S.S.P. Our hero Cartman just has to have a Nintendo Wii, but he doesn't have the patience to wait for the release date. So he cooks up a plan to spare himself the agony of waiting. And in the process, alters the time line.

BTW, if you are easily offended, say by, I dunno, the images of an atheist evolutionary scientist and a bald middle-aged transsexual with a bad tit job having hot monkey sex, stand by to be offended. Fuck it, if you are easily offended, you shouldn't fuckin' be here in the first place.

Oh, I forgot, this episode's a two parter. So I think I'll wait 'til tomorrow for a special edition Sunday South Park for the conclusion.


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