23 November 2007

33 Capitalistic, Profiteering, Money-Grubbing Days 'Til Christmas

So, let's get this shit started off on the right notes....

Thank you, Thank you very much...

Or, with pork fat flavor for my muslim friends...


Anonymous The Ol' Lady said...

Glad to see you are keeping track this year, I thought I would leave my list in case you need any ideas:



*remote starter for my car, unless you are planning to buy me a new one anytime soon (in which case an Explorer will be just fine)

And while you are at it maybe you should get a jump on the anniversary. (15 yrs right??) Did I hear that was a DIAMOND anniversary????

23 November, 2007 21:55  
Anonymous The Ol' Lady said...

Alright, I was wrong but dammit it feels like 60 years.

24 November, 2007 18:57  

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