16 January 2007

Random Thoughts - Life In the Delta Quadrant

Well, let's see... It's 2007, and the Dhimmocraps are in control of congress and are doing their level best to fuck themselves outta winning in 2008. Their vaunted "100 Hours" shit is revealing their true colors. They ran on "removing the culture of corruption" and have nominated a corrupt criminal for every major leadership position, and have even managed to get a couple of them seated. They said no new taxes and support the troops, and have already pissed those out the window with votes that will allow them to raise taxes and threatening to cut funding for the troops. They are going to propose amnesty for illegal invaders and our Dear Leader at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is drooling in anticipation at being able to sign the bill. et cetera, ad nauseaum... fuck those fucking fuckers.

Between the holidays and my disgust at the volcano of erupting bullshit that is D.C. is the reason for my extended absence. Hell, I can hardly stand to watch/read the news these days because I wanna shoot something, usually congress-critters, but it's been too fucking nasty/cold to go to the range. So, let's blog about shit that doesn't piss me off, shall we??

Spike TV has started showing two episodes of "Star Trek: Voyager" M-F @ 1600 CST. I have seen every episode of every other Star Trek series and every movie except for Voyager. Since they have started from the beginning and are running them in order, I get to start at the beginning. Like every other series, the first few episodes were kinda cheesy, but it's getting better.

Best character so far: The Doctor. Somebody on the engineering team that designed the "EMH" must have studied up on Dr. McCoy, because I can see a lot of "Bones" in The Doctor. Just see the line from "First Contact" when The Borg are beating down the door to sickbay and Dr. Crusher tells the EMH to stall them and he replies, "I'm a Doctor, not a doorstop." There are more like that in Voyager.

Most Annoying: It's a toss up between Capt. Janeway and Neelix. I would knock the fuck outta Neelix and tell him to quit annoying me with his "Morale Officer" shit and to pound his Scatarian Sperm Soup and his Tarkalian Twat Sandwiches up his ass. And if I were Chakotay, I'd pimp slap Janeway and remind her, "Look, asshole, lemme 'splain something to you. We are 75,000 fucking light-years away from home and are looking at over 70 years travel time to get back, and you want to stop and look at every little fucking thing that crosses our path?!?! Bitch, point the bow of this scow at Earth and step on it, and we might make it back before we die. Oh, and speaking of dying, you need to get off of your ass and onto the trigger a little quicker when somebody takes a pot shot at us, because while you are hailing them, they are shooting at us and the first systems that take a shit on us are the ones we need to defend ourselves from them and from the environment of space and the ones we need to GET THE FUCK HOME!!!"

Most Hittable: Kes. Yeah, B'lanna's hot and all, but after managing a titty bar, a bitch with attitude is the LAST thing I wanna have to deal with. And I know some of you are saying, "Seven's way hotter." Maybe, but she ain't on the show yet, so shut the fuck up. Besides, Kes's caring nature and her smokey voice turn me on. And to boot, her species only live for 8 or 9 years, and she's already 2 or 3 years old so I wouldn't have to put up with her for all that long before I could start shagging Seven, provided her booger ain't "one with the Borg".

One last thing then I gotta go watch the Japanese version of Iron Chef, the Voyager-class starship is pretty cool, but I'd still rather have the Sovereign-class Enterprise-E.


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