13 October 2006

Re: North Korea and America

The following is my response to an IM that I got from a friend over at another website about a comment he got from some smelly hippie tree hugging fuckwit regarding Dubya and Iraq...

"Islamofascist" is plainly an idiotic phrase, but I'm not going to get into that one.

He's not going to get into that one because you can't argue with the truth.

As far as his "terrible job,"

Doing a better job than the other two idiots we had to chose from in the last two Presidential elections would have done...

he's wasting HUGE amounts of our money...

Bullets, bombs, beans and bandages are expensive bitch...

over a war whose reasons were blatantly fabricated, evidence manipulated,

I guess he missed the 500+ chemical weapon warheads the Troops found over there, and they've barely scratched the surface. I guess the thousands of Kurds that Saddam killed were "gassed" with his farts instead of nerve gas...

and designed primarily for private corporations' economic gain...

As I mentioned, Bullets, bombs, beans and bandages are expensive, and we are a capitalistic country. Ergo, he who makes said items will make money from their sale.

and to let him get a hard-on by calling himself a "war president."

I'm not very good at math but lemme give this a shot... "State of War" + "Being President" = "War President". THEY started this shit when THEY flew the planes into the buildings. Or did he sleep thru that Tuesday??

Aside from all of the other grievances I have with this idiotic administration, the big ones are the pointless and unjust war under false pretenses,

I believe that I just explained why this statement is bullshit...

the exponentially-growing number of no-bid contracts rewarded to corporations associated with the administration,

If the "XYZ Company" can do the job mo' better and mo' quicker, it would be stupid to give the job to "ABC Company" just to be PC.

and absolutely jaw-dropping staffing decisions like putting someone with no emergency management experience in charge of FEMA, then saying that he's doing "a heck of a job."

The fact that the clusterfuck in New Orleans is mainly the fault of the democrapic government in Louisiana not withstanding (if you need evidence, just look at Chocolate City's mayor, Raycist Nagro's fleet of yellow submarines sitting un-used).

What the fuck does it have to do with the War on terrorism?? Appointing political cronies that help out in a campaign to office, irregardless of their qualifications, is a long standing tradition in D.C. And their hero BJ Klintoon is just as guilty as the rest.

Let he who is without bullshit cast the first stone.


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