22 August 2007

Wednesday Whammy

A couple of days ago over at The Empire, there was a post about having a broke down ride called "Shit Happens". There's a saying, "Karma's a bitch", but I guess it's also a contagion.

The following is from a comment that I left over there in a different thread about how I spent today:

The Ol’ Lady calls me from the Dr.’s office and sez, “My car’s broke, only goes clikey-clikey, come rescue me.” I sez, “OK, let me get my leotard and cape and I’ll be there ASAP.” Get to parking lot, check battery, green eye is red. OK. Take battery out, head to O’Reilly’s for new one. Get to end of block, clutch goes out on my ‘96 Ranger.

OK. Call friend for ride, call motel owner for advise on tranny repair, both say, “On the way!”. Owner picks up new Battery for car, nice guy. Replace Batt., return The Ol’ Lady to work, take car to O’Reilly’s for alternator check. Alt. shot. New alt.=$200 $50 core. Shit.

Call salvage yard. Used Alt.=$40 $5 core. Comes with limited lifetime warranty almost as good as $200 new one. WHOO-HOO!! Sold! Go get new used alternator and replace old one. Sweat ass off.

New battery = $75

New used alternator = $40

Busted knuckles = $free

Having car start on first lick and pass charging system check with flying colors = PRICELESS!!

Having clutchless truck stuck on parking lot with no idea how much repair bill will be yet = TEH SUXOR!!!1!!1



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an uber-crappy day, pal. Did the Ol Lady telling you that you were mooning a major highway make the day any better? :)

22 August, 2007 21:40  
Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

What, her pass up a chance to make me look like an ass?? NEVER!!

I figger that if they could see ass crack, they could also see the pistol on my belt, and that would be sufficient motivation for them to shut the fuck up.

Smart ass.

22 August, 2007 21:49  
Anonymous The Ol' Lady said...

I really don't think they could see the pistol for the crack...thinking back maybe I shoulda told you. But, thanks for fixing my car, and breaking yours in the process. I guess your truck didn't want my car to feel bad.

22 August, 2007 23:10  
Blogger MOMinuteMan said...

"I really don't think they could see the pistol for the crack..."

OOH, you real funny...

Remind me to put your head under the covers and fart later...

22 August, 2007 23:16  
Anonymous The Ol' Lady said...

I think I will sleep on the couch...it's very comfy and a fart free zone.

22 August, 2007 23:31  

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